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  • 产品描述
    This batch granulating machine is used for press the glass batch into balls to solve the hierarchy and fly power. There is dust and fly power happen during the delivery and storage of batch. Especially the fly power of sodium carbonate and some expensive material will erode the refractory matters and checker bricks of heating rooms, which will affect the glass formula and quality and also pollute the atmospheric. This machine can solve all these problems. The granule is tight with better thermal conductivity to save melting time and energy. At same time the quality of glass liquid can be improved with fewer bubbles and stronger. The glass liquid output can be 10%-15% higher.
    主要技术参数Main technical parameter:
    主电机功率main motor power: 37KW
    总功率total power: 51KW
    日产量daily output: 5-5.5t
    外形尺寸dimension LWH:2470*2250*4115mm